The Dish: Wong Kee BBQ and Peking Duck

Wong Kee BBQ and Peking Duck

5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Suite A3, Norcross


· Open since: November

· Location: Wong Kee BBQ and Peking Duck is just off Interstate 85 on Jimmy Carter Boulevard in the Giua HongKong Mall.

· Hours: 10 a.m. to

10 p.m. every day

· Owners: Husband and wife team Han On and Van Do of Norcross do double duty as owner-operators of Wong Kee BBQ and Peking Duck. On can usually be found in the kitchen, while Do takes care of customers.

· Atmosphere: A Chinese god of protection looks down onto the dining area inside Wong Kee BBQ and Peking Duck, where table seating is provided. The restaurant's décor reflects On and Do's Asian - Vietnamese and Chinese - cultures as prints of landscapes, flowers and koi fish hang on the walls.

· Menu: Cuts of meats hang in a window at Wong Kee BBQ and Peking Duck, where the most popular dishes include roast duck and barbecue pork. Fried noodle dishes - Hong Kong or Vietnamese style - are also a popular selection, and customers have more than a dozen from which to choose, including vegetable pan fried noodle, seafood pan fried noodle and Singapore pan fried rice noodle.

Additional menu selections at the Norcross restaurant include soups, rice plates, fried rice dishes, soups, poultry, beef, seafood and vegetarians options.

A special full course dinner for two includes Peking duck with a pancake and sauce, wonton soup with vegetables, shredded duck with vegetables and house special fried rice ($23.95). The dinner for four includes the previous selections as well as lovely couple - chicken and shrimp - and seafood with vegetables ($44.95).

· Things you might not know: The menu at Wong Kee BBQ and Peking Duck is written in English, Vietnamese and Chinese.

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SideBar: On the menu

· Hong Kong style wonton soup with vegetables for two, $4.50

· Shredded duck pan fried noodle, $7.99

· BBQ pork on rice, $5.99

· Chicken with curry on rice, $7.50

· Braised beef noodle soup, $6.99

· Squid with pepper salt, $8.99

· Four Seasons - Chicken, shrimp, beef, and BBQ pork, $10.95