Recently reviewed films now playing in theaters.

· Adoration (R) Hard to follow, depressing and, worst of all, uninteresting, this latest bit of egghead navel-gazing from filmmaker Atom Egoyan deserves mention only for its unique approach regarding terrorism and its messy emotional fall-out. 2 stars - Michael Clark

· The Hangover (R) This thinking person's sophomoric, male-bonding comedy expertly juggles bathroom humor, clever social commentary and action all within the context of a Tarantino-inspired crime thriller. The icing on the cake was its total thumping of the higher-profile "Land of the Lost" on opening weekend. 3 stars - MC

· Land of the Lost (PG-13) The worst movie of the year (so far) starring the least funny comedic actor in the world (Will Ferrell) got its just desserts when family audiences mostly gave it the cold shoulder opening weekend. It's rude, crude, silly, stupid and monumentally offensive. 1/2 of 1 star - MC

· Little Ashes (R) Before he made "Twilight," Robert Pattinson took the lead in this art-house period piece starring as surrealist painter Salvador Dali and proved he's capable of more than hiding behind pancake make-up and a weed-whacker hair-do while pouting and whipping teen girls into a state of frenzied delirium. 3 stars - MC

· Up (PG) In a class with "Toy Story" and "WALL-E," this 10th feature film from the wizards at Pixar furthers the studio's position in the industry as its pre-eminent trailblazer. Take it to the bank now: this will be the next Oscar winner for Best Animated Picture.

4 stars - MC

· Drag Me to Hell (R) "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi and his co-writer brother Ivan return to their roots with this schlock horror thriller long on gore, jolts and unintended humor. If they would've come up with a better plot and filled in the story gaps, it could've been a classic. 2 stars - MC