MySpace molestations: Police: 3rd boy comes forward
More charges brought against church leader

LAWRENCEVILLE - A third teenage boy has accused a Sunday school teacher of using the online networking site MySpace to entice him into sexual acts, a detective testified Thursday.

Investigators have now secured eight warrants charging Antoine Johnson, 26, with aggravated child molestation, child molestation and enticing a minor for indecent purposes.

The bulk of the charges stem from three incidents last year when Johnson drove a boy to an under-construction subdivision near Harbins Road and molested him in a vacant leasing office, a detective testified at Johnson's probable cause hearing.

Additional charges are expected following an interview with the third victim, a Hispanic boy, scheduled late Thursday, Gwinnett police Detective James Flanigan said. The boy was reportedly molested in the same location.

Johnson allegedly posed on MySpace as a 16-year-old girl named "Kristen" - using a photo he ripped from a real account in Texas - and promised the boys extravagant sexual favors, laptop computers and skateboards in exchange for sex with him.

Johnson confessed to molesting two of the boys in a 40-minute interview following his Friday night arrest, Flanigan said. He had arranged sex with another boy, the eldest at age 15, but those plans fell through, the detective said.

In court, Johnson, a squat man with broad shoulders, stared emotionlessly ahead, avoiding eye contact with his family in the gallery.

After sex with one 12-year-old last June, "Johnson told him not to tell anyone, because (the victim was) part of this, too," Flanigan testified. "If your family kicks you out, you have a place to stay with me," he recalled Johnson saying.

Johnson was outed when that boy's mother found their lurid interactions on her son's MySpace page and alerted authorities.

The alleged assaults occurred near Bethlehem, where Johnson had lived before moving to Lawrenceville. He formerly acted as a teen leader and, on Sundays, a religious education teacher for sixth-grade boys at Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, Flanigan said.

The detective said Johnson was forthright in his interview with police, even providing them a high-pitched "sample" of the girlish voice he used to dupe boys over the phone.

Investigators have subpoenaed MySpace for Johnson's IP address to verify only he interacted with the victims.

Police arrested Johnson in a stakeout Friday near a subdivision on Indian Shoals Road, where he was supposed to meet a friend of the 15-year-old boy for sex. A detective posed as a young boy "in the shadows" as Johnson arrived in a Chevy Avalanche and officers moved in, Flanigan said.

Following testimony, Gwinnett Magistrate Judge Angela Duncan found probable cause to bind all charges against Johnson to Superior Court for a possible indictment.

Johnson had several family members supporting him in court, including his mother. They all declined comment.