Police: Dog, human bites found on baby

SUWANEE - A Suwanee couple is behind bars after a nurse discovered bite marks - both human and canine - on their 1-year-old daughter, police said.

Other injuries, including multiple bone fractures and bruising, had gone unreported by the girl's parents, according to police.

Charged with felony child cruelty are Scott James Watson, 21, and Margaret Elaine Morast, 27. The couple was arrested Monday following a Gwinnett police investigation.

Both remained at the Gwinnett County Jail following a preliminary hearing Wednesday morning. Morast's bond is set at $11,200, while Watson's is double that because he faces two felony counts.

A nurse at Barrow Regional Medical Center discovered the child's injuries in March, after her grandparents had sought medical care for the baby's vomiting while baby-sitting her, according to a police report.

The child, Aubrey Watson, then 15 months, was found to have a healed broken arm, a broken wrist, bruising to her extremities as well as human and dog bite marks, the report says.

The victim's grandparents told police they suspected Watson of inflicting the injuries when his anger-management issues got the best of him, "but (they) never felt they had proof until now," an officer wrote.

The arrests "are mainly for negligence," said Gwinnett police spokesman Cpl. Illana Spellman. "They weren't getting the child proper care."

The human bite marks appeared on the child's leg and the canine bites on her head, Spellman said.

Morast, the child's mother, directed blame at their baby sitter, whom she had planned to secretly film with a "Nanny Cam," the report says. Morast told police the child had pulled their pit bull's tail, causing the animal to bite. The human teeth imprints were the result of the parents "play biting" the child, Morast told police.

Morast blamed the child's previous broken arm and bruises on an overly excited dog. She denied knowledge of the child's wrist injury, the report says.

Watson's statements to police echoed what Morast had said, an officer wrote.

Police interviewed the baby sitter but decided against bringing charges.

Spellman said the Division of Family and Children Services has since placed the child with a grandparent.