Sugar Hill set to begin mosquito control program

SUGAR HILL - With the sun and fun associated with summertime comes the annoyance and painful bites of blood-sucking mosquitoes.

To help protect its residents, the city of Sugar Hill will soon begin its mosquito control program, a series of three citywide sprayings to reduce, if not eliminate, the insects that prey on humans and pets and can spread diseases such as the West Nile Virus and heartworms.

Sugar Hill will continue to use Larvicide tablets (for use in standing water where mosquitoes breed) in addition to scheduled spring, summer and late summer sprays, city officials said.

The program began in 2006 as the city worked with the Georgia Department of Human Resources, the Environmental Protection Division and the East Metro Health District to develop the preventative measures.

While the spray treatment is helpful, city officials said it only kills adult mosquitoes, not eggs and larvae. To help keep the insects at bay, Sugar Hill officials offer the following tips:

· Remove any standing water and water-holding containers from your yard. Fill in or drain puddles, ruts and ditches.

· Cover trash containers to keep rainwater out.

· Keep the lawn cut short and shrubbery well-trimmed around the house to reduce hiding areas for adult mosquitoes.

· Repair leaky pipes and outdoor faucets.

· Empty children's pools at least once a week and make sure swimming pools are properly cared for while on vacation.

For more information on the program or to find out when your street is scheduled to be sprayed, call City Hall at 770-945-6716 or log onto www.cityofsugarhill.org. The city will also include information in its city newsletter.