A week-and-a-half on tour opening for No Doubt, the lead singer of Nashville-based punk-rock band Paramore had good things to say, descriptions such as "huge" and "mad crazy."

With venues in Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix and Salt Lake City - a total of seven shows - behind her, Hayley Williams was getting ready to play Albuquerque on May 28, one stop in a three-month show schedule that brings the Grammy-nominated band to Atlanta tonight.

"This tour means a lot to our band," said Williams, who performs with guitarist Josh Farro, bass player Jeremy Davis and drummer Zac Farro. "First of all, for music in general right now, it's a big tour. The fact No Doubt came back and they don't have a record to promote and the tour is still selling ..." she trails off and picks up a beat later, "It means a lot to me to see a woman who has sort of taken on the industry. It's motivating."

After a four-year hiatus in which lead singer Gwen Stefani launched a solo career, No Doubt reunited in 2008 and is on its first full band tour in five years while recording a new album.

Like No Doubt, Paramore have been in the studio working on their third studio album after working out personal issues that threatened to divide the quartet in early 2008.

"This record is what kept our band together," Williams said. "I feel really good about it."

The band is playing a couple songs off the album in its tour lineup, including "Ignorance," which Williams described as a darker sound than what Paramore are known for, and the contrasting "Where the Lines Overlap," which she called "uplifting and more positive."

"I'm happy with the response we're getting on both of those songs," Williams added. "Even people who might not be Paramore fans and are seeing us for the first time seem to enjoy both."

Paramore's yet-unnamed album is set to be released in September as the band is coming off its summer tour.