Patterson building to be converted into house of God

NORCROSS - A Seventh Day Adventist Church was granted a special-use permit authorized by the Norcross City Council on Monday to open a church in the vacant Patterson Funeral Home building. The special-use permit is required because in Norcross, a standalone church must occupy at least five acres or be located in a retail or industrial center. The funeral home does not satisfy either condition.

Pastor Jean-Jacques Medastin said Monday that his church members need a place of worship closer to home than Mableton, which is where the 90 members of this church originally worshipped. The congregation is currently meeting in an Episcopal Church on Cemetery Road, but members need a more permanent space.

While two council members voiced concerns about taking that prime piece of property off the tax roll, the panel eventually decided that a church was the best use for the building and property.

Veterinarian office coming to Norcross

Dr. Leslie West-Bugg will purchase the house at 3075 Medlock Bridge Road and convert it into a veterinarian office. West-Bugg has had her office in a retail plaza for 17 years just outside the city limits.

Several of her clients addressed the council Monday in support of the special use permit required to make the structure a vet office. Developer Robert Forro also spoke in favor of the move and presented his conceptual design ideas, including soundproofing, to council members.