Evermore CID elects new board members

SNELLVILLE - The bickering and fighting among board members of the Evermore Community Improvement District appears to be over.

That's because the CID elected two new board members Wednesday following the May recall of members Dean Robinson and Ken Shiver.

About 40 votes were counted in each election and both new members ran unopposed and were elected unanimously.

"This was a special day," said board member Kenny King. "It's a testament that people want to see this organization move forward."

In the Post 1 position, which has one year remaining on its term, Dwight Harrison nominated Tommy Carraway, a senior vice president with the Brand Bank.

In the Post 2 spot, which has two years remaining on its term, Kenny King nominated Don Robison, who's worked in the antiques industry for 30 years and owns property on the U.S. Highway 78 corridor.

Carraway said the reason he decided to serve was because he saw it as "win-win" situation.

The CID also announced that it was implementing a set of bylaws, in response to the turmoil experienced this year, and that it had a timetable for filling its executive director position after the firing of Brett Harrell.

Chairman Forrest Adair said he wanted each board member to send him the five top things they'd like to see in an executive director and that he wanted the entire board involved in the hiring process.

He said the group would entertain applications over the next few months and that they'd like to have someone hired by early November. Jim Brooks is serving as interim director in the meantime.

Board member Emory Morsberger also said they'd be hiring another economic development manager to work under the guidance of David Stedman.