Indictments filed in separate cases

LAWRENCEVILLE - Indictments handed down by the Gwinnett County Grand Jury on Thursday include a man accused of running over a woman while driving drunk.

Michael Martin Morris is charged with two counts of serious injury by vehicle, battery, driving under the influence and driving under suspension in the April 19 incident that warrants said "seriously disfigured" a woman.

Morris, who is being held without bond, reportedly drove over the woman's body, rendering her legs and spine useless. He is also charged with striking another woman in the face.

In a separate indictment, 29-year-old Alejandro Humberto Guzman Bautista is charged with kidnapping and interstate interference with custody after police said he took his 4-year-old daughter and fled to Maryland. Bautista reportedly called the girl's mother twice, once to say he was keeping their daughter and heading to Texas and a second time to say he was going to kill the girl.

Guzman was apprehended by Maryland police and is being held in the Gwinnett County Jail without bond.