Body found at NY skyscraper where woman went missing

NEW YORK - A female body stuffed inside an air-conditioning duct was found Saturday in a Manhattan skyscraper where a cleaning woman was last seen four days ago.

Police discovered the corpse, hidden in a utility room duct, just before 9 a.m. as they began searching the 26-story tower for 46-year-old Eridania Rodriguez.

The remains have not been officially identified as of early afternoon, but police spokesman Paul Browne said investigators presumed the body was that of Rodriguez, who had been missing since Tuesday night.

A medical examiner was on the scene trying to confirm the find and determine how the woman died. Authorities believe she was murdered, but haven't identified a suspect. They have questioned some people who work in the building.

By early afternoon, the body had not yet been recovered from the duct.

Lightning delays space shuttle launch

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA scrubbed space shuttle Endeavour's Saturday evening launch after lightning struck at least 11 times near the seaside launch pad.

NASA technicians found no damage after an electrical storm Friday afternoon, but said they will need at least another day to check critical systems.

A mission management team plans to meet early today to determine if all the testing has been completed and whether to fuel Endeavour for a possible evening launch. Liftoff would be at

7:13 p.m. if NASA attempts to launch.

Lottery player still on a roll, wins 9th prize

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Brenda Bailey is still on a roll.

This week, the 60-year-old South Charleston woman claimed her ninth West Virginia Lottery prize, $7,000 in the Gem 7s instant game. That brings her total winnings since last September to $159,000 from five instant tickets.

Lottery officials say Bailey has claimed a total $165,800 in prizes from instant and online games since 2000.

She's not the only lucky one in the family. Her husband Richard claimed a $6,000 instant game prize in January and a $10,000 prize last September.