More possible bodies from plane found

ARUSHA, Tanzania - Three more bodies were found off Tanzania on Thursday, bringing the total to 16, as the French navy arrived to assist in the search for wreckage and remains from a plane that crashed into the Indian Ocean.

Only one of the 153 people on board Yemenia Airways Flight 626, 12-year-old Bahia Bakari, survived the June 30 crash off the coast of Comoros.

UK tabloid hacked into voice mails

LONDON - The tricks of the trade of Britain's rambunctious tabloid press came under scrutiny Thursday, after a newspaper reported that a tabloid owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch had illegally hacked into the mobile phones of hundreds of celebrities and politicians.

But in the end police said they would not reopen an investigation into the claims against Murdoch's News of the World, accused by The Guardian newspaper of paying private investigators to obtain voice mail messages, bank statements and other information about public figures.

Obama urges poorer nations to fight global warming

L'AQUILA, Italy - President Barack Obama said Thursday the global recession makes it harder to strike an international agreement to battle dangerous temperature increases, but he urged the poor emerging economies that rejected specific clean-energy goals to 'fight the temptation toward cynicism' and embrace them soon.

'There is no contradiction between environmentally sustainable growth and robust economic growth,' Obama said at the conclusion of a forum of the world's 17 major economies, which account for about 80 percent of emissions of heat-trapping gases blamed for global warming.

Chinese try to heal wounds of unrest

URUMQI, China - Construction worker Zhang Binkun said Thursday he was enraged because a mob of Muslim minorities beat to death his mother in the worst rioting to hit western China in decades.

People like these are the focus of a new government campaign - with banners, loudspeakers and group therapy sessions - to move beyond anger and end the ethnic violence that has threatened to spiral out of control in the oil-rich region in western China.