Local author writes thriller

LAWRENCEVILLE - Kevin Downs grew up with a father who was a highly decorated officer in the Unites States Army and a stepfather who was a CIA agent.

National security, espionage, international intrigue, code names and secret operations are now part of Downs' own life within his first novel, "Spydenity."

The Lawrenceville resident began writing his book about 11 years ago as developments in cloning and technology were increasing.

"The whole idea of the fusion of information and life sciences, weaving those ideas with the spy idea with cloning, it's a labyrinthian plot," Downs said. "It was a big task."

Both his father and stepfather were involved in the book.

"They both read through the book as it was developing and gave me suggestions," Downs said. "Some I used and some I didn't."

Downs said his inspiration to write a novel came through disappointment.

"I've read many novels and a lot of them have let me down," he said.

In "Spydentity," Downs said readers can expect a double surprise at the end.

"You think you're going to go to the end of the book and then bam, it's another climax," he said.

"Spydentity" follows former Navy SEAL Nathan Bishop as he is appointed head of a special operation and become intertwined in an international attempt to thwart high-tech espionage while battling his own newly surfaced phobias.

Downs plans to continue his "Spydentity" series in at least two more novels and is at work on the sequel, which continues to follow Nathan Bishop.

"Spydentity" is available online at bn.com and www.kevindowns.com.