Ruling on service delivery may come soon
Dispute still could last for more than a month

LAWRENCEVILLE - A judge could soon rule on a contentious element in the demand over Gwinnett's service delivery strategy, but the conclusion of the lawsuit between the county and its cities could still be more than a month away.

Attorneys for Gwinnett will file a motion for summary judgment related to the use of unincorporated area revenues such as insurance premium and business license taxes solely for the benefit of unincorporated area residents, Assistant County Administrator Lisa Johnsa said.

During a meeting with attorneys Thursday, the judge set a schedule for the issue, which erupted earlier this year when county officials proposed setting a lower millage rate for an unincorporated district than for people who live in cities, based on the use of those revenues.

The motion is to be filed by the end of next week, with attorneys for Gwinnett's 15 cities expected to respond in the two weeks following that.

Johnsa said the county's millage rate likely would not be set until officials consulted with the judge, though the judge's order on the revenues could provide clarification on the issue.

"That is one that is at the heart of (the dispute)," she said. "It'll help us move things forward."