Gwinnett will still glow this Fourth
Shows planned at G-Braves stadium, Mall of Georgia

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett Glows won't happen this year, but northern Gwinnett is sure to be filled with the rockets' red glare with two major fireworks shows planned a mile apart.

For the first time, the Gwinnett Braves will host a fireworks show this Independence Day, even though fans will surely be able to see the blasts from the annual Mall of Georgia's "Fabulous Fourth" celebration.

On top of that, just five miles north of the mall, another fireworks show will be held at Lake Lanier Islands.

Officials did work to coordinate the closest events, working together on the timing of fireworks and traffic.

"Whether you are at the mall or at our game, we want you to have a good time," Braves spokeswoman Courtney Lawson said.

The mall's show will likely begin first, after a day full of music, kids activities and a free outdoor showing of "Independence Day." The fireworks will begin at dusk and will likely be visible from the ballpark, located on the other side of Interstate 85.

Then, as people leave the mall and cars begin to clog Buford Drive, a 30-minute fireworks show will begin as the Braves complete their game against the Norfolk Tides. Lawson predicts that to be about 9:30 or 10 p.m.

"We expect another year of huge crowds, as families gather at Mall of Georgia to enjoy the entire package of patriotic fun," said Kelly Fox, director of mall marketing and business development.

"We have a lot to offer and very loyal attendance from local families who have joined us every year since we kicked off the first event seven years ago. Plus, you can't beat the amazing shopping we provide right at your fingertips - more than 200 stores and a reprieve from the heat right inside our doors."

Mall and Braves officials used the same company for their fireworks' shows, and while both groups boast to have the best exhibition, the competition is friendly.

"As long as our fans are happy, that's all we care about," Lawson said.