Letter: Huckaby shows ignorance on health care

Mr. Huckaby's Saturday editorial ("Don't Mess With My Perfectly Fine Doctors," 6A, June 27) concerns me on several levels. I assume since he is a teacher in Rockdale County that he has affordable health care provided by the school system. So do we. Unfortunately, not everyone does. His "let them eat cake" attitude is selfish and from a teacher highly disturbing. His unfortunate anecdote from Jerry Clower is offensive.

The ignorance of the attitude in his column is stunning coming from a teacher. I think I can guess where he gets his information. I urge him to listen carefully to the debate and listen to different sources. His excellent health care coverage will not be here for long if the American public follows his philosophy. He may think our health care is the best in the world, but our health sure isn't - and isn't that the point of health care? Our system is wasteful and bloated with little regard to preventative care. I urge Huckaby to watch the health care meeting on ABC last Wednesday night (I'm sure he can find it on the internet). I hope he will ask his doctor if insurance company policy influences his care. By the way, why should insurance companies make billions in profits (check the numbers) because your daughter has cancer or your father has heart problems?

We all love living in a democratic country, but democracy only thrives if we understand that we are all in this together. How can he gloat about the benefits of his coverage (which somebody has had to pay for, even though it is not him) while the child down the street can't go to the doctor until he or she is gravely ill and goes to the emergency room? People are losing their homes because of medical costs while Huckaby is the embodiment of the 80s "me" generation.

- Sharon Blackwood