Letters: If ACLU is against 287(g), then it must be working

For applying for the 287(g) program, Sheriff Butch Conway deserves the gratitude and support of not only Gwinnett citizens but the immigrants who are welcomed here because they came according to our laws.

By howling in opposition to the removal of criminal aliens from our community, the fringe groups on the far left, whose real goal is officially open borders, have clearly shown us how much they fear 287(g) and its potential effectiveness.

Everywhere 287(g) has been implemented nationwide - and in Georgia - illegals leave for more hospitable places.

The 13-year-old federal tool provided to local law enforcement is a very effective deterrent. If we get rid of several thousand illegals each year who have been arrested for crimes in addition to illegal immigration, illegal employment and ID theft, we will save tax dollars to be used by legal residents, not to mention jobs.

If many more choose to move out because of 287(g), all the better. It seems to be a no-brainer and much closer to how it is done in Mexico.

If the ACLU and their fellow travelers are against 287(g), I support it completely.

Thanks to Sheriff Conway, to ICE and to all the law enforcement officers who risk their lives to make our community safe.