Army member serving on veteran group's board

DULUTH - When your group's goal is to serve disabled or injured military veterans, it only makes sense to receive input and guidance from a member of the actual military.

And that's what the Sentinels of Freedom - Gwinnett is getting with its announcement of Doug Heckman being elected to the board of directors.

"He is the ideal board member that brings expertise and leadership in both military and civilian areas, as well as financial expertise," said Sentinels of Freedom - Gwinnett President Tim Thornberry. "He will help guide us in our mission of bringing severely wounded veterans to live and work in Gwinnett, and help them to make the best adjustment possible to civilian life."

Heckman, who just lost a U.S. Congressional election to incumbent John Linder, is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and has served in the army and reserves for 27 years in a leadership capacity. He was in the Special Forces command in Central America, was a principal staff officer in Afghanistan and most recently served as a senior adviser in Iraq during the troop surge. Heckman is married with three children and has made Gwinnett County his home for the last 17 years.

The Sentinels of Freedom - Gwinnett is a local, nonprofit group committed to providing four-year life scholarships to military veterans living in Gwinnett who were previously injured while serving in combat.