Girl: Rape 'still haunts me today'

LAWRENCEVILLE - A 16-year-old girl held composure Thursday while facing the stranger accused of binding, beating and raping her, leaving her bleeding and terrified during a daylight attack in her family's home two years ago.

"I saw him standing there, and I was like, 'Oh, my God,'" the teen testified, recalling the tall, masked man who stood waiting in her kitchen as she arrived home from school March 28, 2007. The Daily Post does not identify victims of sex crimes.

The man covered her head with a plastic bag, bound her hands behind her back with shoestring, dragged her to the living room carpet and raped her, deaf to her screams, the teen testified.

"I was wondering, 'When is this going to be over? When will I see my parents, my brother?'" she said. "It was really, really scary and terrifying. It still haunts me today."

Her testimony in Gwinnett Superior Court opened the second day in Darrian Bryant's trial for an alleged crime spree in Stone Mountain that culminated in the sexual assault. The girl wore a purple V-neck sweater and hooded winter coat, avoiding eye-contact with the defendant. Bryant, 18, faces life in prison.

The alleged victim said she didn't recognize Bryant - though they'd shared a bus route as Parkview High School students - and couldn't directly implicate him as her assailant. Prosecutors say blood was lifted from Bryant's shoes that matched her DNA, tying him to the scene.

The girl's attacker reportedly slammed her head through a lamp and struck her with a vase, gashing her forehead.

Bryant is also accused of a string of daytime burglaries in two neighborhoods in southeast Gwinnett, crimes his attorney said he doesn't deny.

One alleged burglary victim, Demetrial Wright, was Bryant's neighbor in the East Parke subdivision. She testified that her home was ransacked and burglarized on the day she'd received notice in her mailbox that a serial burglar was on the loose.

Wright said her newly wrapped Christmas gifts and several electronics were lifted from her home Dec. 21, 2006. On her coffee table there lay a note, declaring in red scribbles: "You will never catch me - Ha Ha Ha!" she said.

Testimony is expected to resume today.