Film Fans: 'Bride Wars' is a great movie for a girls' night

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2 stars out of 4

With the word "war" in the title, I thought this might be a girl movie that a guy could enjoy. It just wasn't so. The premise of the movie centers around two childhood friends who turn into arch-enemies when both of their dream weddings are inadvertently booked on the same day. The plot seems overly contrived and very unrealistic. Kate Hudson's character, Liv, is generally annoying, and Anne Hathaway's character, Emma, is too predictable. The best part of the movie was the 30 minutes, or so, focused on the brides' attempts to sabotage each others' wedding. Aside from the pranks, and a good performance by Kristen Johnston (as Emma's co-worker and eventual maid of honor), the movie was a disappointment.

- Wade Pearce,


3 stars out of 4

I thought this movie was fun and entertaining and Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are always great to watch. They were great as the closest of friends turned rivals after becoming victims of a wedding scheduling mistake. Their strong bond and emotions do a flip-flop when circumstances change and it gets very competitive and crazy. Though somewhat over the top, it is a movie after all, and it will make you laugh out loud. The message about friendship in the end is also a nice one. Candice Bergen was also perfect as Marion St. Claire. I would definitely recommend it for a girls' night out.

- Cindy Evans,


3 stars out of 4

"Bride Wars" is an endearing film about two lifelong friends whose weddings are accidentally scheduled on the same day. Emma, played by Anne Hathaway, is a sensitive, caring woman that has always put others before herself; especially when her best friend, Liv, is concerned. Liv, played by Kate Hudson, is a career-driven woman who has become quite successful, despite some difficult life experiences. Though Emma and Liv spend the better part of this movie arguing and plotting against the other, you somehow find yourself relating to the characters and rooting for their friendship. This film is filled with humor and has a touch of sentimentalism. "Bride Wars" is the kind of film that will leave you smiling.

- Catherine Mileson,