Game Ranch uses donated trees for shelter

LILBURN - Your discarded Christmas tree could become shelter for rabbits, squirrels and other animals who call the Yellow River Game Ranch home, or it could give the deer there a secure and secluded area away from visitors.

The game ranch, which offers 24 wooded acres in Lilburn where humans and animals can mingle, is accepting live Christmas trees that will be used to line the perimeter of the property, providing protection for small creatures and offering some erosion control where the property dips down to the Yellow River.

"It helps us out and it keeps (the trees) out of the landfill," said Codi Reeves, president of the Yellow River Game Ranch. "We feel like its a win-win situation."

Anyone interested in donating their discarded tree can make use of the trailer in the game ranch's parking lot. Reeves said individuals can drive up to the trailer, toss in a tree and drive off.

"We try to make it as simple as possible," said Reeves, who picked up a load of trees at a local Home Depot on Sunday and received a couple of trailer loads from a Gwinnett fire station last week. If businesses or organizations have a number of trees to donate, the game ranch will pick them up.

For more information on donating your Christmas tree, call 770-972-6643.

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What: Discarded Christmas trees

Where: Yellow River Game Ranch, 4525 U.S. Highway 78, Lilburn

For more information: Call 770-972-6643