Gwinnett Gab 1/8/2009

Parkview student wins Sonic Half-Court Challenge

LILBURN - Parkview High School student Jordan McCoy took home this season's first "Free Food for a Year" coupon during the Sonic Half-Court Challenge at the boys varsity basketball game Dec. 13.

The coupon was presented by Sonic Drive-In on Stone Mountain Highway in Lilburn in conjunction with the Parkview High School basketball program. McCoy won the coupon by making a shot from the half-court line.

The Sonic Half-Court Challenge school fundraiser allows anyone in the gym to qualify for the shot by donating $5 to the school's athletic department. For a $1 donation, contestants can attempt to make a basket from the 3-point line for a free meal at the restaurant.

Sonic Drive-Ins on Stone Mountain Highway in Lilburn and Grayson Highway in Lawrenceville participate in this fundraiser with Gwinnett County schools in the Lawrenceville, Lilburn and Stone Mountain areas.