Hoschton denied scarecrow world record
City plans to appeal ruling

HOSCHTON - More than 5,000 scarecrows spread throughout Hoschton's 30548 ZIP code were enough in number to break a Guinness world record, but that record was denied on a sort of technicality: the scarecrows needed to be all in one place.

"(Guinness) interpreted the term 'location' differently than we did," said Robbie Bettis, a local antiques seller and member of the Hoschton Fall Festival Committee, which organized the record-breaking attempt. "We interpreted Hoschton as a location."

Bettis said the criteria the city received regarding breaking the record didn't indicate a specific location, such as a field or other small area, was required.

"Of course we were disappointed," she said. "We had thought it was a shoo-in practically because we did so well with it."

Though Hoschton's scarecrow record wasn't recognized by London-based Guinness, World Records Academy, headquartered in Miami, recently declared the town does hold the record for the number scarecrows in one place.

The Hoschton Fall Festival Committee is expected to meet within the next few weeks to decide whether to make an appeal to Guinness' decision.