Duluth police receive state certification

DULUTH - The Duluth Police Department recently achieved state certification, a feat accomplished by less than 15 percent of law enforcement agencies.

City leaders attributed the accomplishment to achieving and maintaining high standards for the department. The certification requires compliance with a range of policies. The standards cover department areas of law enforcement, including organization and management, personnel, legal, operations and support services, communications and holding areas, a press release said.

"State Certification offers proof that your police department is doing the right things and doing things right," Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Director Frank V. Rotondo said. "Certification standards are indeed a blueprint for success in the field of law enforcement."

Rotondo went on to praise the department for its "progressive, professional standards."

"Duluth can be confident that their police department is dedicated to keeping the accolade of having the lowest crime rate in Metro Atlanta," he said.

The certification not only rewards the city's officers and administration, but it allows the department to reduce its liability premiums by up to 20 percent because of a partnership between the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and the Georgia Interlocal Risk Management Agency.