Boy kidnapped in Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico - Mexico started off the New Year with a string of shootouts, killings and the kidnapping of a 12-year-old boy.

Police in Tijuana said the boy was kidnapped when he ran back to his home to pick something up for a New Year's Eve dinner at his grandparents house a few blocks away.

When the boy didn't return, his mother went looking for him and found the door of her house forced open. A note said her son had been taken and that she would be killed if she stayed at her home.

Police said in a statement Thursday that they have no suspects or motive for the kidnapping and threats.

Congo says rebels fleeing to African country

KINSHASA, Congo - Ugandan rebels accused of killing hundreds of Congolese civilians are fleeing a joint offensive by three African armies and heading toward Central African Republic, Congo's government said Friday.

The coalition of forces from Congo, Uganda and Sudan has 'completely destroyed' the rebel positions in northeast Congo's Garamba National Park, government spokesman Lambert Mende said.

But not all of the Lord's Resistance Army rebel group's bases have been entirely dismantled, he said, calling the offensive '80 percent successful' three weeks after it was launched.

Sri Lankan troops capture rebels' capital

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - The jungle town not far from the Indian Ocean had been looking more and more like the seat of an independent nation. The separatist rebels in charge opened tax offices, hosted diplomats, and even printed maps of the state they hoped to create.

That ended Friday as Sri Lanka's military captured Kilinochchi, the Tamil Tigers' de facto capital, winning a major victory in their decades-long battle to crush the ethnic separatists' dream.

The seizure was celebrated by dancing in the streets of Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital.

Bombing kills at least 23 in Iraq

BAGHDAD - An explosives-strapped man slipped into a luncheon gathering at a tribal leader's home and blew himself up Friday, killing at least 23 people and wounding dozens.

The attack in Youssifiyah, in the area once known as the Triangle of Death because of its extreme violence, came a day after the United States relinquished the lead on security to Iraqi forces throughout the country.