The Dish: Lazeez Tava Fry

· Open since: December

· Location: The restaurant is tucked into a shopping center off Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross.

· Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day

· Owner: Nisar Momin opened Lazeez Tava Fry with his nephew, Tauvkir Momin, after returning to the restaurant industry after nine years. A native of India, Nisar Momin now calls Lilburn home.

· Atmosphere: Lazeez Tava Fry offers table seating surrounded by greenery underneath a sheer fuschia fabric draped in large sections from the center of the main dining area outward. That fabric, along with the silver and fuschia fabric that hangs over the windows, was brought back from India by Nisar Momin's niece, Soniya.

· Menu: Lazeez Tava Fry offers traditional Indian food, from stir fry to curry dishes. Momin said the most popular menu items are the goat and lamb chops fry - marinated goat or lamb chops in a spicy sauce with stir fried tomato, onions and chili. The masala khichdi, basmati rice with lentils stir fried in a spicy sauce, is also frequently ordered.

The restaurant also offers naan, unleavened bread, prepared with various ingredients, including chili, almond and coconut, spinach and spices.

To cap off a meal, Lazeez Tava Fry offers kheer, or rice pudding, an egg pudding and gajar ka halwa, a special carrot pudding with mixed nuts.

Traditional Indian beverages and soft drinks are served, along with tea, water and Coke products.

· Things you might not know: All meat served at Lazeez Tava Fry is prepared according to halal food standards, which means they are permissible to eat for those who follow Islamic religious traditions.

SideBar: On the menu

· Chicken tikki - Small, boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and roasted in a tandoor, or clay, oven, $8.95

· Butter chicken - Boneless chicken cooked in a tomato sauce, $8.95

· Green gosht - A weekend special of tender goat meat cooked with mild green masala, coconut and cashews, $8.95