India charges Mumbai gunman

MUMBAI, India - India charged the lone surviving gunman from the deadly Mumbai attacks on Wednesday in a 11,000-page document marking the beginning of a legal process that could lead to his execution - and raise tensions with Pakistan.

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, a Pakistani, was captured in the early hours of the attacks and jailed ever since. Nine other attackers were killed during the three-day siege in November, which left 164 people dead and targeted luxury hotels, a Jewish center and other sites across the city.

The 21-year-old Kasab faces 12 charges. If convicted on the two most serious counts - murder and waging war against India - he will likely face the death penalty.

Alleged terror boss faces arrest

BAGHDAD - An Iraqi Airways jet carrying a Sunni lawmaker accused of being a terror boss was ordered back to Baghdad on Wednesday, but authorities could only watch as the combative legislator slipped away before fellow parliament members stripped him of his immunity.

The boomerang voyage of Mohammed al-Dayni - whose flight was pulled back just as the plane was about to leave Iraqi airspace - capped days of friction between the Shiite-led government and the defiant lawmaker.

Almost immediately, authorities issued an arrest warrant for a wave of attacks that include a 2007 suicide blast in the parliament cafeteria and mortar strikes on Baghdad's Green Zone.

Plane crash kills 9 in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM - A Turkish Airlines jetliner plummeted out of cloudy skies and plowed into a muddy field on approach to Amsterdam on Wednesday, but remarkably some 125 people - the vast majority of those aboard - survived. The nine dead included both pilots.

The Boeing 737-800 en route from Istanbul to Amsterdam broke into three pieces when it hit the ground about two miles short of the runway at Schiphol Airport at 10:31 a.m.

Saint Laurent statues go for $18 million each

PARIS - Two rare bronze sculptures that disappeared from China nearly 150 years ago - and that Beijing now wants back - sold for $18 million each on Wednesday at an auction of art works owned by the late designer Yves Saint Laurent.

The collection of Saint Laurent and his partner already had brought in millions - and broken several world records - before the first drop of the gavel on Wednesday, the final day of the three-day auction.