Mystery object tears through Dallas roof

DALLAS - Police say an unidentified falling object dropped out of the sky with enough velocity to tear a hole through the roof and the second floor of a Dallas home.

Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse said Wednesday the six-pound piece of metal with two drill holes in it fell Tuesday evening when the person who reported the incident wasn't home. Janse said there were no injuries.

Officers couldn't determine the source of the debris. Janse said radioactive tests on the metal were negative. Several state agencies were notified of the incident, but Janse said none offered a theory about what happened.

Cops bust beauty queen's party

HARTFORD, Conn. - The reigning Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen, a volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, held a party that resulted in two dozen people being charged with underage drinking, police said Wednesday.

Rachael Ramonas, 17, once organized a benefit for the families of friends killed in a car crash in which the teen behind the wheel had a history of drunken driving, according to the Web site of Miss America's Outstanding Teen.

It's not clear whether Ramonas, who competed in the Miss America Outstanding Teen pageant in August in Florida, was among those charged. Police are not releasing the teens' names because they are juveniles, and no teens are charged with drunken driving.

Officers responding to an anonymous call about underage drinking Saturday night found beer, rum and items commonly used for a drinking game called beer pong.

Obama names third choice for Commerce pick

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama introduced former Washington Gov. Gary Locke as his nominee for Commerce secretary Wednesday, trying a third time to fill a key Cabinet post for a country in recession.

'I'm sure it's not lost on anyone that we've tried this a couple of times. But I'm a big believer in keeping at something until you get it right. And Gary is the right man for this job,' Obama said, standing with the fellow Democrat in the Indian Treaty Room at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building near the White House.

The president's two top earlier choices for the post dropped out - one a Democrat facing questions about a donor and the other a Republican who had a change of heart about working for a president from the opposite party - well before the Senate had a chance to confirm them.

Salmonella found at Texas plant

DALLAS - Tests show ground peanuts at a Texas plant were contaminated with the same strain of salmonella that has sickened hundreds of people across the nation, state health officials said Wednesday.

The peanut meal was tested at the Plainview plant Feb. 12 after the facility had voluntarily shut down, said Doug McBride, a spokesman for the Texas Department of State Health Services. Previously, private tests conducted by Virginia-based Peanut Corp. of America, which operated the plant, had tentatively indicated that there may have been salmonella at the plant.

The Texas plant is the second facility operated by the embattled Peanut Corp. to test positive for salmonella. A different strain was found at the company's Blakely plant.

Jewelry stolen from Romney's Utah home

PARK CITY, Utah - Police in Utah say up to 20 pieces of jewelry have been stolen from a ski resort home that is being sold by former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Park City police Capt. Rick Ryan said Romney's wife, Ann, discovered on Feb. 17 that the jewelry was missing. Ryan said the value of the missing jewelry wasn't yet clear.

The officer said investigators are checking information that the jewelry was in a closet next to a bathroom where workers were performing maintenance.

Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom told The Associated Press he had nothing to add to the police report.

Helmsley fortune not all for dogs

NEW YORK - Real estate baroness Leona Helmsley's multibillion-dollar fortune can go to more than just the dogs.

In a ruling announced Wednesday, a New York judge said trustees managing Helmsley's estate can distribute her funds to a broad range of charities.

Helmsley died in August 2007. She left instructions in one of the documents relating to her charitable trust that money be donated to help care for dogs, as well as other charities.