Evermore Community Improvement District: CID board granted recall vote

SNELLVILLE - A recall petition seeking to remove two members from the Evermore Community Improvement District's board of directors has been certified by the tax commissioner's office. The action sets the stage for a recall election March 25 of board members Ken Shiver and Dean Robinson.

According to Paula Martin, the public information officer for the tax commissioner's office, the petition was certified Thursday with 24 percent of the property owners supporting the recall effort. At least 20 percent was required.

"Katherine Meyer, Gwinnett County tax Commissioner, returned a certificate of compliance for the sole purpose of determining whether at least 20 percent of the electors of the Evermore CID have submitted recall petitions," Martin said. "This is the extent of our involvement."

According to founding board member Dwight Harrison, one of four members who sought the recall, legal advertisements notifying the 480 property owners of the coming election will run in the Daily Post for the next four weeks. Then from 1 until 1:30 p.m., March 25 at Snellville City Hall, the 480 property owners will have the ability to either support the recall of both Robinson and Shiver or to not support the recall of either. Members are allowed to have someone vote in their proxy if they cannot attend.

For the recall of Robinson and Shiver to succeed, a majority of the 480 property owners have to support the initiative, Harrison said.

With the CID's renewal coming up in April, Harrison seemed confident that regardless of the outcome of the recall election it would be difficult to get rid of the CID.

"To my knowledge a CID has never been dissolved before," he said.

He said to do so the effort would require 67 percent of the property owners calling for dissolving the CID in a multiple step format.

"It automatically renews itself and it's a lot harder to get rid of one than it is to form one," he said.

Chairman of the Board Gary Custar, who supports Robinson and Shiver, declined to comment on the recall election Friday saying he hadn't read anything about it yet.

Executive Director Brett Harrell did speak, saying he's been working hard for Evermore the last several weeks. He said that work included securing $500,000 in funding, advancing four projects with the Georgia Department of Transportation and working at the Capitol to advocate for passage of two funding bills.

"Obviously, I'm in an unusual position serving with those board members seeking the recall as they have stated if successful they intend to terminate me," Harrell said. "I may report to eight, but I represent 480 and I'll continue doing my job until such time as I no longer have one."