Claim of pork isn't backed up with specifics

Richard Stanford's fear of Democrats ("Stimulus package shows no signs of bipartisanship," Feb. 15, Page 11A) is consistent with current Republican complaints. Twice he referenced the "pork-bloated/laden" stimulus package. I wish he would name the specific "pork" inclusions rather than simply repeat his congressional leaders' views that if it is a Democratic package, it must be filled with wasteful projects.

George Morin, an 82-year-old progressive, at least tries to get all of us thinking. I join him in an effort to start building a true nonpartisan approach to creating a citizenry that is focused on collaboration that results in meaningful solutions rather than on this constant behavior that is intended to prove the other person wrong and evil. I wonder what would happen if we combined our individual energies to really build a society free of fear and hate.