Stimulus package shows no signs of bipartisanship

In these uncertain times one thing remains constant - the inability of the left to refrain from bashing Republicans at every opportunity. George Morin's letter, "Bipartisan action is needed now more than ever" (To the Editor, Feb. 7) underscores my statement.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's statement, "We won and we'll do it our way," concerning the pork-bloated stimlus bill passed by the House left little doubt that any input by House Republicans was not encouraged. Morin neglected to mention that 11 Democrats thought it was so poorly written that they voted against it. There were no committee hearings or any input requested from the Republicans. If that sounds like reaching across the aisle in a bipartisan way, then I'm sure missing something.

I'm absolutely astounded that this massive pork-laden stimulus package has a 37 percent approval rating. Evidently. I didn't realize that such a large segment of our society is employed by goverment agencies or depends on a government handout for its daily needs.

These people would certainly be in favor of expanded government and more entitlements paid from the taxes confiscated from hardworking taxpayers. Incompetent CEOs, failing businesses, unwise borrowing, huge national debt - there's nothing about this road to socialism that I like.