Letters: Octuplet mother, doctor abused health system

I have to totally agree with Bill O'Reilly ("Eight is more than enough," Perspective, Feb. 8). I have been outraged and concerned since the news broke about the mom in California who gave birth to octuplets. The fact that she had six children already, is single and is living with her parents just made the story more outrageous.

Our spending in health care is unmanageable as it is. Now, we have to foot the bill on one family for $1.3 million. Where is the justice here? We need Great Britain's law so we can arrest the mother and doctor. The children would probably be better off in adopted homes. Apparently, the mother has some mental health issues and should not have been allowed to make this decision. This falls back on the doctor on his medical judgment. What are his ethics?

As a University of Georgia social work student, we are being taught to shape public policy. New policies in health care must be a priority for this nation. When we allow doctors and parents to use the system like this, our resources will soon be gone. It's a disgrace to this nation to permit in vitro fertilization in this kind of situation.

I think this should be a wake-up call for America on health care spending. Policies need to be enforced on the doctors that perform in vitro fertilization and stiff penalties should be enforced.

I was also a single parent that raised two children on my own. Two was more than enough.