Government runs amok again

With the passing of a rezoning measure by the Board of Commissioners to allow a trash transfer station adjacent to the Vietnamese Catholic Church near our Norcross home, we have seen the first step in the destruction of our neighborhood.

It was said during the proceedings that this will have minimal impact upon our community, but that is a gross misstatement at best. Search YouTube for "working waste transfer station," watch a few videos of these stations in operation, and there can be no doubt that this is government gone very wrong. The chosen location is a highly residential area, and the additional traffic hazards, noise and smell will likely signal the end of the surrounding neighborhoods. Our quality of life will become a distant memory, gone along with our property values and safety.

It was also said that this will be good for Gwinnett, even in the face of being unanimously declared as a very bad thing by the community improvement district, local businesses, developers, consultants, residents from all the surrounding neighborhoods and even the county's own Planning Board and two of the commissioners.

The fact of the matter is this would only be a good thing for the achievement of some very specific profit and political motives, to the detriment of taxpaying citizens that will have to foot the bill for the inevitable lawsuits. This is clearly reminiscent of the trash pickup debacle, where county government became derailed and a potentially good idea went in a terribly wrong direction and had to be stopped by the courts.

Our elected officials must be held accountable for this violation of public trust, and in the meantime we all need to be aware that they could do this in anyone's backyard.

- Paul Allen