Husband helps wife give birth in parking lot

LILBURN - When his first two daughters were born, Ron Lee dutifully cut their umbilical cords. But for his newest bundle of joy, he let the nurses take care of that.

After all, he did the hard work, delivering the baby in the hospital's parking lot.

Brooklyn Cooper Lee, who was born Friday, has already been affectionately dubbed Kirby, since she was born on the curb just 30 minutes after her mother went into labor.

"It was quite the experience. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it," the proud papa said Monday, the day Ron and his wife Wendy brought baby Brooklyn home from Emory Eastside Medical Center.

Labor pains awoke Wendy Lee at 5:50 a.m. Friday, and even though the baby wasn't due for another three days, the couple was out the door of their Lilburn home in 10 minutes.

But by the time they reached Ronald Reagan Parkway, Wendy was feeling the baby crown and Ron was dialing 911.

Scared to stop before they reached the hospital, Wendy urged her husband to keep driving, as they sped down the road. He jumped the curb at the hospital to get to the women's pavilion, but there were no nurses meeting them at the door, as the 911 operator had promised.

Ron asked a stranger - a new father taking a break outside - to hold his wife up in a standing position, and she delivered Brooklyn right there on the sidewalk, as Ron gripped the baby's head and guided her out.

Wendy said she only had a fleeting concern that the baby would fall to the pavement.

As soon as Ron began checking the baby, the nurses came out, and he was happy to hand over the cord-cutting duties so he could move his truck and regain his composure.

"It was smooth once she stood up. It was like clock-work," he said.

"I wouldn't have had it any other way," Wendy Lee added. "I wouldn't trade the way she came into this world for anything."

Because of the 18-degree temperature outside during the 6:20 a.m. delivery, Brooklyn was placed under a heater, but doctors were amazed by her health.

Wendy's colleagues at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, where she works as a court clerk, have already started calling her husband, "Dr. Lee."

He says he's glad he paid more attention when his second daughter was born five years ago, although Wendy said that daughter Corinne's birth was nearly as fast, giving her only enough time to get to the hospital and into a bed. Older sister Mikaela, now 9, took more time - about four hours of labor, which is fast for a first child.

So Wendy Lee quickly answered no, when asked if she would have another child, trying for a boy.

"Because if that's the case, we'll be delivering at home," she said with a laugh.