Our view: Police tips to keep you safe, sound

Gwinnett police are asking residents to do their part in reducing crime with the following advice: Be safe.

It sounds elementary, but the department is distributing a flier with that simple advice, titled, "ATTENTION! Don't be robbed."

The handbill, in English on one side and Spanish on the other, lists tips to help residents avoid situations that attract the criminal element.

The flier explains that in 2006, more than 900 robberies were reported to Gwinnett police with 52 percent of the victims being Hispanic.

The tips are grounded in common sense - some may call them obvious - but they serve as good reminders on how to avoid danger and are good advice for all:

· Do not walk alone. Try to stay in areas where there are a lot of people.

· Do not loiter in the parking lot of an apartment complex or a business, especially if you're alone.

· Never open your door for strangers. If they say they need help, tell them you will call the police for them.

· Use a safe, direct route that avoids dark or secluded areas.

· Stay away from areas such as alleys, empty lots, wooded paths, empty buildings and construction sites.

· Do not carry large sums of cash.

· Never accept rides from strangers.

· Secure your wallet inside your shirt, jacket or purse.

· Secure your purse under your arm so that it cannot be snatched easily.

The police urge victims to call 911 immediately after a crime and urge the public to call the Crime stoppers tip line 770-513-5802 (in Spanish 770-513-5803) to report suspicious or criminal activity.

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