Neighbors report gunfire, but police are puzzled

LAWRENCEVILLE - Neighbors in one Lawrenceville community are puzzled by what sounded like a gunfight Thursday morning but was never reported as such.

Residents near the 2300 block of Old Peachtree Road, bordering the grounds of Freeman's Mill Elementary School, say multiple shots were fired in rapid succession just after midnight. One woman claimed an extensive police search - by land and air - woke her from bed and lasted more than an hour.

But Gwinnett police spokeswoman Cpl. Illana Spellman said the only incident reported to police in that area early Thursday was a suspicious person call - with no mention of gunfire.

"Our helicopter assisted in locating two individuals described by the caller," she said, "but the suspects were not located."

Spellman said a police report would not be written and the investigation has concluded.

"You could tell it was two calibers (different guns) being shot," said a nearby resident who didn't offer his name. "I have four small children. I'm just a concerned citizen."