Breaking up families isn't a Christian thing to do

Getting Gwinnett County police involved in deporting undocumented immigrants is a terrible idea. Experiences in other counties that have taken this step shows that it results in racial profiling and breaks up families. It also leads to increased distrust and decreased communication between the Hispanic community and the police, which leaves us less safe, not more so. Is this really the image that Gwinnett wants to project? Is this really how we want to spend our tax dollars?

Most importantly, taking punitive action against immigrants who come here seeking a better life for their children, and in many cases sheer survival, runs counter to the principles of Christianity and other major religions. Instead of worrying about whether immigrants are abiding by our immigration laws, we should be worrying about whether we are abiding by our own moral laws. Self-professed Christians who support this approach need to take a closer look at their Bibles and do some serious soul-searching.