Red Cross: 50 dead in Kenya from oil blaze

NAIROBI, Kenya - An oil spill from a crashed truck erupted into flames Saturday in Kenya, killing at least 50 people who were trying to scoop up free fuel, officials said.

Abbas Gullet, secretary general of the Kenyan Red Cross, said 'more than 50' people died after a crowd gathered around the crash in search of free fuel.

The crash was in Molo, several hours outside the capital, Nairobi.

UK seeks end to labor protests

LONDON - In the face of growing protests and rising unemployment, the British government said Saturday it understands the frustration of energy workers who have walked out over the hiring of foreign citizens. But it warned against protectionism, saying isolating the British economy would only make the downturn worse.

Thousands of energy workers across Britain walked off the job Friday in a rapidly expanding campaign of protests sparked by the hiring of Italian and Portuguese workers for an oil industry construction project in northern England.

Under European Union rules, the Italian and Portuguese laborers have the same right to work in Britain as British citizens do.

Iraqi elections avoid violence

BAGHDAD - Passing through razor-wire cordons and police checkpoints, Iraqi voters Saturday took another step in the nation's quest for stability in provincial elections that were carried off without major violence but tarnished by claims of flaws and threats of challenges.

Even before a single ballot was counted, Iraqi officials were basking in the successes - watching millions of voters wave the purple-tinted fingers that have become symbols of the country's hopes for a workable democracy.

Congo: Troops to leave by end of February

KINSHASA, Congo - Congo's president said Saturday that troops from former enemies Rwanda and Uganda, who are carrying out joint operations against armed militias in the east, must leave this Central African nation by the end of February.

Ugandan soldiers have been fighting Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army rebels in the northeast since December, while Rwandan troops were invited in this month to hunt down Rwandan militias linked to that nation's 1994 genocide.