Just Kid-ding: Comedian Miller brings blue-collar, stand-up act to Buford theater

Kid Dave Miller said truth really is stranger than fiction. He doesn't have to make up much.

"You read something crazy, embellish it a little and then sell it in the club with a couple of punch lines," he said.

Miller will be peddling his brand of blue collar-esque comedy Saturday at the Buford Variety Theater, coming off a New Year's Eve show at the venue on Thursday.

Not familiar with Miller's stand-up?

Expect "extreme sarcasm, sprinkled with some occasional, nice guy-ism and booze," he said. "If Bob Newhart drank beer and chewed tobacco, it'd be me."

The 49-year-old Georgia transplant got his start in comedy performing during open mic nights while working as a bartender at a club in Fort Worth, Texas.

"I always thought I was kind of funny, but I never lived any place where there was a comedy club until 1987," he said.

Soon, Miller was performing for regular shows. He got the name Kid Dave as one of five men named Dave working at a single club. To avoid confusion on the club schedule, each of the Daves were given a nickname.

"They said, 'Hey, since you're old we're going to call you Kid Dave. It will sound like you're young,'" remembered Miller, who was just 27 at the time. "If I'd have known 20-something years later that's what people would have been calling me ... I can't get rid of it. It's like a booger."

Miller has since opened shows for comedy heavyweights Larry the Cable Guy, Dennis Miller, Ellen Degeneres, Jeff Foxworthy and Adam Sandler.

Opening for him during the show Saturday is Miller's pal, fellow comedian J. Scott Homan.

"He's a must-see," Miller said. "He doesn't do that many clubs anymore. He's kind of crazy. He could flip out at any moment. People are going to have to sign releases to watch the show."

Miller said between the two, the audience can expect a blue collar show.

"J. Scott is very, kind of Larry the Cable Guy on acid type thing and hysterical. I love him," Miller said. "I'm a little bit more Bill Engvall but twice as drunk."