Recently reviewed films now playing in theaters:

* The Princess & The Frog (PG) This is the first animated Disney flick to feature a black female lead and while the filmmakers' intentions were obviously noble, the movie is a huge double-edged sword. For every positive aspect there's a negative stereotype to negate or offset it. 2 stars -- Michael Clark

* Up in the Air (R) Landing at the top of virtually every critics associations Top 10 list, this third feature from director Jason Reitman continues his streak of perfection. George Clooney is equally as impressive in the lead playing a corporate hatchet-man re-evaluating his priorities. 4 stars -- MC

* Brothers (R) Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal are the title characters in this Gulf War action-thriller that is overwrought with too much melodrama. 2 stars -- MC