Green ornaments: Students use recyclables to make ornaments

Photo by Kristen Ralph

Photo by Kristen Ralph

LOGANVILLE -- This year, some people in the Magill Elementary School community hung recyclables on their Christmas trees.

Students at the South Gwinnett cluster school used recycled materials -- everything from aluminum cans to paper bags -- to make Christmas ornaments. The school then sold the creations for $1 apiece, raising money for the science club and science supplies.

The students were allowed to create the ornaments at home or in class, principal Crystal Collins said. Some of the children were very creative, she said, turning objects like plastic air freshener cones into angels.

Some other ornaments included gingerbread men made out of paper bags, reindeer made out of tin cans and snowmen made out of aluminum soda cans. More than 150 ornaments were created.

"I still have ornaments I made in elementary school still hanging on the tree, so I know parents will do the same with this," Collins said.

The project was part of a larger school initiative to promote recycling, Collins said.

"Recycling is fun, and this project reminded kids that this is fun," said Sarah Toldt, a fifth-grade teacher who helps out with the school's science club.