PEOPLE IN BRIEF: Love loses guardianship of her daughter

Love loses guardianship of her daughter

LOS ANGELES -- A court filing shows the only daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love has been placed in a temporary guardianship.

The filing states Cobain's mother Wendy O'Connor and his sister Kimberly Dawn Cobain are now caring for 17-year-old Frances Bean Cobain.

The filings do not mention Love or give a reason for the guardianship.

A three-page order issued Friday is all that is publicly available.

Attorney Geraldine Wyle, who is handling the case for the mother and sister, calls it a private family matter and said no other comment would be issued.

Eiffel Tower's first stairs sold at Paris auction

PARIS -- A section of the Eiffel Tower's original staircase has sold for $154,380 in an auction of Paris memorabilia.

The 40 painted iron steps had been estimated at a much lower price. Organizers of the Paris auction said Gustave Eiffel himself climbed the stairs during the 1889 inauguration of the monument to plant the French flag atop the tower.

The famed French auction house Drouot says a pair of benches from the Paris Metro dating to the late 19th or early 20th century fetched euro22,320. A hexagonal wooden newspaper kiosk sold for euro14,260.

TV channel plans Kennedy miniseries

NEW YORK -- The History Channel is planning its first scripted series and will base it on the Kennedys.

The cable network said the eight-hour series is called ''The Kennedys'' and will be told in a multigenerational manner akin to ''The Godfather.'' The network said the series will depict a manipulative, egocentric father living out his ambitions through his sons.

The personal drama of the clan will be included in the saga as well as the era's major events. Some of those include the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban missile crisis and the civil rights struggle.