MCCULLOUGH: Handing out disapproval ratings

I have a lot of things stuck in my craw this week, so let's get right to it.

I wonder what his victim thinks

Yet another death row inmate is appealing his sentence, claiming lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment because it's painful.

Pardon me if I don't get all teared up.

Have you ever watched the show "I Survived"? It's full of first-hand accounts of people who survived horrific catastrophes, natural disasters and the like. A great many of the stories are from people who survived murder attempts. People who got shot in the face, got their throats cut or beaten with hammers tell in vivid detail how their would-be murderers tried to do them in.

These folks offer a unique perspective. They lived to tell about the depraved and cruel actions of these lunatics.

Romell Broom doesn't want to be executed because it hurt too much the first time the state of Ohio tried (unsuccessfully) to put him to death. His lawyer said, "What happened to Broom on Sept. 15, 2009, at defendants' hands and under their direction was inhuman and barbarous.''

Barbarous, huh? Because they stuck him a few times with a needle?

I'd say let's ask Tryna Middleton, the 14-year-old girl Broom raped, what she thinks about that, but I can't because he also killed her. She didn't get to be on "I Survived."

And just who is inhuman?

No class

On the homefront, my heart goes out to the family of Michael Bailey, who died in a car wreck two years ago.

The family is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the scumbag who knocked the head off a memorial statue at Bailey's grave in Sugar Hill Cemetery.

Having seen firsthand what vandals can do to a cemetery, I can tell you it's one of the sickest feelings you can have. In her younger days, my granny used to do a lot of work around the cemetery where my granddaddy is buried. It's off a dirt road in rural Mississippi and never had a real caretaker that I know of. Granny would mow the grass, trim weeds — whatever needed doing, and not just at granddaddy's grave, but for all of them.

One weekend when I was down there visiting when I was teenager, someone nearly destroyed the cemetery. Whoever it was knocked over dozens of tombstones, cracking and breaking many of them. Some of these stones were more than 100 years old. Some were so big and heavy that it had to be several people working together.

If you ever wanted to see heartbreak, you could've seen it on Granny's face that day walking around the graveyard looking at the destruction.

People who desecrate graves are the lowest of the low. I hope they find whoever damaged Bailey's memorial and, to paraphrase a quote from my favorite movie, string him up by his Buster Browns.

Better things to do

A House subcommittee on Wednesday gave the nod to a bill that would make it illegal to promote the college football national championship game unless the game was the result of a playoff system.

Well thank God. That must mean we won the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, right? The terrorists no longer want to hurt us.

And health care? Taken care of, obviously. Economy? All fixed.

I must've missed these stories, but obviously Congress has solved these other problems because how else would they have time to worry about something like forcing a college football playoff?

I hate the BCS and support a playoff system as much as anyone. But how can elected officials of the United States look at us with straight faces and tell us this issue is of paramount importance when soldiers are still dying abroad and people are losing their jobs, their homes and their lives on the homefront?

And they wonder why their approval ratings are so low.

I guess that's the theme for today's column concerning these ridiculous actions by ridiculous peole.

I disapprove.

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