Disc Spotlight: Gremlins 25th anniversary Blu-ray

Gremlins 25th anniversary Blu-ray (PG)

Movie: 4 stars out of 4

Disc: 3 1/2 stars out of 4

Excluding sci-fi franchises and John Hughes flicks, the alternately warm and fuzzy and dementedly dark "Gremlins" might just be the finest mainstream '80s American movie. Mixing apple pie normalcy with trippy Eastern mysticism, director Joe Dante's action fantasy appealed to kids, families, teens and adults and has aged remarkably well.

The new audio/visual upgrades are superb but there are no new extras that weren't already included on the most recent special edition DVD. If all you want is to re-experience a supremely entertaining film with lots of surface spit and polish, it would be a worthy addition to any collection.

Technical specs: aspect ratio: Widescreen (1.78:1, 1080p), audio: English (Dolby True HD 5.1), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian (Dolby 5.1, 2.0), subtitles: English and nine other languages.

Special features:

• Filmmaker and cast commentary

• Behind the scenes featurette

• Deleted scenes

• Trailers

Warner Bros., $28.99.