Tech company expands in Norcross

NORCROSS - State and local officials celebrated the arrival and continued expansion of YesVideo on Thursday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the company's 30,000-square-foot site on Oakbrook Parkway.

YesVideo began operations at the site in March and plans to create nearly 300 jobs in Gwinnett over the course of the next three years. That stems largely from its collaboration with the Georgia Quick Start program, which has led to more than 70 employees having been trained.

"Georgia is ranked tops in the U.S. for the strength of its work force, and Quick Start is a big reason why," said Ken Stewart, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. "No one in the nation trains company work forces more efficiently or thoroughly, and with Quick Start's assistance, YesVideo will be well on its way to becoming another Georgia success story."

Quick Start already has developed a fully customized training program for YesVideo's initial hires and will continue to provide training support as the company grows. Gwinnett Technical College is a third partner in the training, and will provide ongoing work force development support to YesVideo as needed.

YesVideo transforms consumer and professional video content from the format in which it was originally captured into new, evolving digital formats, allowing the content to be viewed and enjoyed for generations to come. YesVideo uses highly automated production technology that not only digitizes the video media to contemporary formats, but simultaneously indexes the content so it can be easily viewed, organized, edited, shared and archived.

"This is a new operation for us and we found the Georgia Quick Start program to be one of the key factors in our decision to come to Gwinnett and Georgia," said YesVideo spokesman Bill Embleton. "They have worked long and hard for us and are a true testament to their product. We are thrilled to be making this business partnership official today."

The partnership with Quick Start and YesVideo creating jobs in Gwinnett also drew praise from Lauren Salas of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.

"YesVideo was a great project win for corporate business in Georgia and Gwinnett," Salas said. "The collaboration and productivity demonstrated by YesVideo and Quick Start is just the beginning of what already is an excellent success story for economic development in Georgia."