Lawrenceville adopts smaller 2010 budget

LAWRENCEVILLE - The Lawrenceville City Council adopted a 2010 budget of $93.3 million, more than $2 million less than the city's 2009 budget of $95.9 million, at a called meeting on Wednesday.

Despite the smaller budget, the city is not planning to lay off personnel or reduce services, according to City Clerk Bob Baroni. Some departments are opting not to fill positions that become vacant, he said.

The new budget is based on a tax millage rate of 2.16 mills, the same as last year, set by the council in June.

The amount of the budget reflects an estimated $79,000 decrease in property tax collections based on the city's tax digest. The city is also anticipating a decrease in revenue from electric, gas, water, and sewer collections.

The drop in the city's tax digest was attributed to reassessments that lowered property values as a result of the downturn in the housing market. Less revenue from utilities was attributed to fewer customers due to the economy and consumer conservation.

The 2010 fiscal year budget goes into effect Sept. 1 and continues through Aug. 31, 2010. It includes a contingency fund of about $1.6 million for unexpected expenses.