A decade is a long time. It's also a nice milestone to hit at your place of business. Used to be folks found a good job and stayed just short of forever. But at this time, in this industry, it's increasingly rare.

That makes the trio of Daily Post newsroom staffers hitting that benchmark this year all the more impressive. It says a lot about them and in turn a lot about our paper that they've been here for that long, working their way up to leadership positions while doing whatever they can to make the Daily Post the award-winning paper it is.

Deputy Copy Desk Chief Corinne Nicholson just hit the 10-year mark this week, Graphics Editor Nicole Puckett reached the milestone in May and Copy Desk Chief Nate McCullough will join the club at the end of September.

What ties the three together - in addition to anniversary dates and their status as University of Georgia grads - is their duties. Although McCullough is known to Daily Post readers as a weekly columnist, his main job, like those of Puckett and Nicholson, is more behind the scenes.

Designers and copy editors don't get their names in the paper every day, so there's not a lot of notoriety from the general public. Sometimes even their own families don't fully grasp what they do or how important it is to the paper. But any writer who has ever had them catch a typo or make their story stand out with a neat looking design does.

Nikki, currently on maternity leave, started at the paper as a photographer. Her eye for design and knack for detail led to her current position. She's in charge of the overall look of the paper, everything from what kind of headline fonts we use to what the teaser boxes look like.

The founder of the newsroom CD club, you many remember her from the column she wrote in June about having twins. She and her husband Josh live in Buford with their son Eli and twin girls Harper and Annabel, who were born June 19.

Corinne started at the Daily Post as an intern before earning a full-time position as a copy editor. She was later promoted to Deputy Copy Chief and helps oversee the copy desk in addition to her design and editing duties. A Shiloh High grad, she is a movie buff and trivia lover who hosts an annual trivia competition at her Snellville home.

Then there's Nate. If you read his columns you already know more than I could tell you. The short story: he's in charge of the copy desk, loves the Bulldogs, likes NASCAR and hates motorists with "cell phones jammed in their ears." He lives in Statham with his wife Candy, stepson Dalton and daughter Maddie.

You always try to come up with something catchy to end a column, but in this case simple says it best: Thanks.

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