Bomb threat hoax lands Auburn man in prison

AUBURN - An Auburn man will serve a year in federal prison for threatening via an FBI Web site to blow up federal buildings across the United States.

U.S. District Judge William C. O'Kelley sentenced Michael Robert DeJong, 24, on a count of using the Internet to threaten to destroy FBI buildings by fire or explosives. Authorities believe the threat was a hoax.

DeJong pleaded guilty in May. He'll serve three years probation upon his release.

"Any threat to national security, however communicated, must be taken seriously, investigated thoroughly, and prosecuted fully," said U.S. Attorney David Nahmias in a release. "This repeat offender is being justly punished for his actions."

DeJong was arrested by the United States Secret Service and convicted in 2007 of threatening to kill President George W. Bush.

This time around, DeJong threatened to destroy FBI buildings nationwide by way of planted bombs. Agents tracked the anonymous threats - made on the FBI's Web site, FBI.gov - to a public computer at the Auburn Public Library, Jones said.

Identifying himself as "Mr. L," DeJong's message included statements regarding "failure," "loss of hope," and "loss of trust" in the country, as well as a comment that he is a "hero for (his) people," Nahmias said.

DeJong's first brush with Gwinnett law enforcement came in August 2004, when police charged him with stealing credit cards.

In April 2007, DeJong mailed a letter threatening President Bush's life while he served time at the Gwinnett County Comprehensive Correctional Complex on fraud charges.

The letter, addressed to the Gwinnett County Justice and Administration Center, called for others to help DeJong in his quest to kill the president. DeJong claimed the letter was laced with anthrax, but no toxic substance was found, authorities said.