Letters: Rational defense of health care position a benefit to the debate

I want to thank copy desk chief Nate McCullough for his recent column ("What's your life worth?" Aug. 14, Page 6A). McCullough rationally described in a practical and non-inflammatory manner the moral imperative of providing equal health care for all no matter one's financial status.

He also concurrently emphasized the tough-to-solve issues of affordability and care rationing existing in both the public and private sectors. This column stands in marked contrast to the lame and disjointed attempt at combining humor with conservative commentating on health care reform offered by Darrell Huckaby ("No need to act fast on a deal we don't want," Aug. 1, Page 6A).

One of the definitions of stupidity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Continuing to accept the status quo in health care is stupid and untenable, for it is taking us as a country and many of us individually toward fiscal disaster and declining care. President Barack Obama is correct in that we as Americans must reform health care now or face in the near future dire fiscal and quality of care consequences.