Daily Post proud to be your No. 1 source for local news

Indulge us for a moment as we straighten our tie, clear our throat and give ourselves a pat on the back.

The Daily Post received the highest of compliments recently: You told us we're your No. 1 choice for local news.

A poll conducted for Gwinnett County in April and May by the University of Georgia's Office of Research Services returned those findings. With up to 600 respondents, the results carry a sampling error of 3.7 percent.

Here's some of what we're so excited about:

How do Gwinnettians obtain information about their local governments?

Mediums most often used to obtain information about Gwinnett County Programs and Services

1. Newspapers/News Media Web sites - 41 percent

2. Television - 24 percent

3. Internet - 11.3 percent

4. Word of Mouth - 4.5 percent

5. Mail - 4 percent

6. Bill inserts - 3.5 percent

7. Radio - 2.5 percent

8. Other method - 9.2 percent

The breakdown for newspapers:

1. Gwinnett Daily Post -

59.1 percent

2. AJC - 37.9 percent

3. Other - 3 percent

Narrative of conclusion:

" ... newspapers ... are still the leading resource for people who are looking for government information. The Gwinnett Daily Post has become the preferred newspaper for information about Gwinnett County and likely has more influence over public opinion than (others) ..."

How do Gwinnettians want to obtain county-related information?

1. Newspapers/news Web sites - 28.1 percent

2. E-mailed Newsletter - 27.8 percent

3. Television - 22 percent

4. Insert in bills - 3.4 percent

5. Radio - 2.1 percent

6. Town Hall meetings - 2.1 percent

7. Commission meetings - 0.5 percent

8. Other - 13. percent

Narrative of conclusion:

"Gwinnettians still want to obtain county information from commercial newspapers. Perhaps this is because they want a fourth estate guardian commenting and reporting on their government."

While this was our favorite part of the survey, the folks at UGA unearthed a lot of other useful, interesting and amusing data. For instance:

· 82 percent know Charles Bannister is the commission chairman. That's pretty good recognition, especially when you consider that 82 percent do NOT know who their district commissioner is and 80 percent do not know how many commissioners serve Gwinnett County. (It's unlikely Joe Biden garners an 82 percent recognition rating.)

· Predictably, traffic was cited as the No. 1 problem facing Gwinnett with 31 percent of responses. Crime/Drugs/Illegal Immigration came in second with 16 percent followed by Economy/Unemployment (12.5 percent) and Education (5 percent).

· When it comes to taxes, Gwinnettians aren't as disgruntled as one might think. Nearly half said that the amount of taxes we pay is about right. (Remember this question was asked before the millage rate debate took off.) A third of the respondents said taxes are "a little too high" and one out of every 5 respondents said they're "much too high."

· Seventy percent believe they get a good value for the taxes/fees paid for county services.

· Nearly half of those surveyed believe they live inside a Gwinnett city while in actuality only 20 percent of Gwinnett's population resides within a municipality.

You can draw your own conclusions, but in these times of "tweets," Facebook and the whole escalating "social media" explosion, it's good to know that Daily Post readers still value local news and recognize the Daily Post as the best place to get it, whether in print or online.

J.K. Murphy is publisher of the Gwinnett Daily Post. E-mail him at jk.murphy@gwinnettdailypost.com.