National Electronic Attachment moving to Norcross

LAWRENCEVILLE - A company recognized as a leader in Internet solutions for the health care industry will relocate its corporate headquarters to Norcross from Tucker.

National Electronic Attachment will bring 28 jobs to the county immediately and expects to hire at least one person every month for the next two years.

"We are excited to welcome NEA to Gwinnett County," Commission Chairman Charles Bannister said. "NEA brings high-paying jobs in an important targeted industry to Gwinnett, and we share their confidence that the county can supply them with the talent and pro-business environment to support their growth."

The company offers systems designed to make the process of insurance submissions and processing as easy as possible for the patient, the dental office and the insurance payor.

"We are pleased that NEA chose Gwinnett County as a part of their long-term growth strategy," said Melanie Brandt, Chamber business development manager. "They decided on Gwinnett as the location for their expanded office space almost immediately, for a variety of reasons including convenience to where many of their senior executives live. Providing an environment where people can work closer to their homes, while still finding a supply of key talent and resources to be successful, is win-win for everyone."

NEA has recently signed contracts to provide services to Solstice Benefits, Inc. and BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.